“Home birth on the rise in the US” scrolled across the bottom of the TV as we were watching the local news the other night. In an overdramatic way I stood up and yelled “YESSS!”. Would I ever have a home birth? Probably not. But I am still thrilled that women are realizing they have CHOICES when it come to the birth of their baby.

When I told my mom at 6 weeks pregnant I wouldn’t even consider a hospital birth unless 110% necessary she looked at me like I was crazy. Then as I continued to explain that I wanted to birth at a birth center and planned to be home within hours of birth with my baby she thought I was making things up. She didn’t even know you were legally allowed to have a baby outside of a hospital intentionally. It’s been a year now since we took the tour of the Allen Birthing Center and met the midwives and I’m proud to say my  mom told me “I made a believer out of her”. I want all women to be “believers” and to know that even if you’re in a hospital to birth your baby you have choices and a say in how things happen! There is a birth revolution going on that I am so proud to be a part of.  Babies were born at home for years and years but we have gotten so far away from the beauty of birth and turned pregnancy into an illness that women are voluntarily being cut open to be “delivered of their children”. Deliveries are for pizzas, births are for babies.

Now, I have written several blogs and Facebook status about this topic and I always feel it necessary to state that I am not anti-doctor or think that cesarean should be banned etc etc, I just feel there is too much unnecessary intervention in the birth process for perfectly healthy low-risk pregnancies. There are times when a cesarean is 100% justified and saves lives. I am thankful that we have the technology and resources to be able to perform them or to intervene when the situation calls for it however the c-section rate should be around 3% not over 30% like it currently is!

By starting this online community I hope to reach women and families and give them the resources they need to educate themselves. What ever choices you make are best for you. I am not here to condemn anyones way of life or their parenting style. I simply want all expectant parents to know there are choices and it is your responsibility to educate yourself and to make the decisions right for your family and your situation!

I could ramble on and on about this but then I wouldn’t have any content for future blog posts 🙂

I have many plans for the future and hope that the Bump, Birth, and Baby Network will someday be a big part of  the North Dallas community.

Wish me luck on this new venture!


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