how proof is baby proof?

My little girl is 5 months old,  just learned how to sit up on her own, and has gotten pretty good at wiggling around the floor. I keep thinking baby proofing the house is far off in the future, but I’m beginning to realized it’s probably just around the corner. So that got me thinking “how much baby proofing is enough…when do I baby proof what…would a consultation with a professional baby proofer be helpful…”  I know it’s a bit exaggerated, but when I think of baby proofing I can’t help but think back to the commercials for the movie Baby Momma (never actually saw the movie) where the pregnant lady can’t get the toilet open and has to go in the sink. Are toilet locks really necessary or can you teach you kid not to play in or flush anything down the toilet? I can see the need for light socket covers and cabinet locks but do you really need a faucet cover that costs $13 in the tub so your baby doesn’t hit their head? Your 1-year-old won’t be bathing alone will he?

I also have the dilemma of living with family right now. In a moms group once when discussing baby proofing a mom said “just lay down on the floor and anything in eye sight baby proof. Don’t plan on having any fancy decorations out for the next 10 years”. So how do I baby proof the house without being disrespectful and telling the family they have to put away all their nick-knacks and china until I’m ready to move out?

Please take part in our poll on Facebook about what you have baby proofed in your home! And I’d love to hear about any baby proofing suggestions you may have!

One thought on “how proof is baby proof?

  1. Asturian Diary says:

    It’s impossible to fully baby proof anywhere, so best not to get too paranoid about it. Do the important, obvious stuff, like you say – the sockets etc. You’ll still need to be vigilant. And nick-nacks and china should definitely be put away/moved out of reach. But don’t worry, it’s actually not that long a phase. My boy is just over 2 and already he’s pretty good at understanding what he can and can’t do.

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