You know you’re a new momma when….

I’ve only been a parent for a little over 5 months now, but it’s crazy how much you learn in that amount of time. I wouldn’t consider myself an experienced mother or an expert on any level, but I’m definitely not “new” anymore.

I personally have taken a very laid back approach to my parenting. I’m not worried about Olivia hitting all the developmental markers or what percentile she’s in on the growth charts. I know my baby, I can tell when she’s thriving and doing well and I know when she’s having a bad day. Of course a couple of months ago it wasn’t like this at all. I had no idea how to hold a newborn, how to burp her, how to bathe her, nursing was a foriegn world to me…just to name a few examples.

Everyone has advice for new parents, but the only way you really learn is by living it. Every baby is different and even though you’re a pro at handling  your first, your next child will be slightly different if not the complete opposite!

I think it will be fun to keep a “you know you’re a new mom when…” list going on here and on Facebook. I plan to share the list with my Bradley® students when we go over post-partum preparation so they can have a little insight into what to expect and will be able to laugh about it if /when it happens to them. Check out our list HERE and feel free to comment with your own experiences and I’ll add them to the list!

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