A Success, A Faliure, and An Angry Rant


This past weekend I held my 3rd Bradley® Class for my provisional teaching. I’m starting to feel so much more at ease and confident in what I’m teaching. I can tell once I’m done with my first series and really get things going, this will be an amazing career. I love sharing my experience and knowledge and can’t wait until my first couples have their babies.

Thomas and the rest of my family are so supportive of my dream to make Bump, Birth, and Baby and my birth classes a successful business that will help hundreds and hopefully thousands of families and unborn babies. I can’t ask for anything more 🙂 I know they will do anything in their power to help me turn this vision into a reality.


There are bound to be bumps in the road of every journey. My first bump came this past Saturday when absolutely no one showed up to my first moms meet-up. Between people getting sick, family emergencies, and scheduling conflicts everyone who RSVP’d had to cancel. Yes it wasn’t the result I had hoped for but things happen and I just have to move on. I’m not giving up and am working on the plans for April’s Meet Up! On the plus side, while waiting to see if anyone would show up, Olivia and I got some quality time in the sun on a beautiful morning. We sat at a table playing with her Elmo Rattle, I got a tasty smoothie, and we got to be out of the house. The meet up might have been a failure but the day most definitely was not.

An Angry Rant

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have a serious problem with the cesarean rate in this country, and just last night I got another example of why things need to change. One of my sisters good friends is pregnant with her second child. She had an emergency Cesarean with her first and things did not go well. She believes her son suffered life long complications from the medication and a doctors error with the surgery. She and her husband both wanted to try a VBAC with this second birth and spent a long time searching for a doctor who would support them in this decision. They thought they had found one, but now at 39 weeks it looks like they were wrong. She has been dilated at a two for the past couple weeks with pre-labor symptoms but no serious changes. There are no abnormal findings at her appointments, the baby’s heart rate and other vitals are good, and she is (yes uncomfortable but who isn’t at 39 weeks) perfectly fine. So why is this doctor not letting her go to 40 weeks? Or even 41 weeks since the AVERAGE pregnancy is 41 weeks and 1 day? Why is he just now saying a VBAC is out of the question? Her c-section is scheduled for tomorrow and she is dreading it. No woman should have to dread the birth of her baby. So many doctors want to deliver babies from 9-5 and not have to worry about women going into labor…you know like they’re suppose to! If you can schedule a c-section or induction ahead of time you can’t classify it as an emergency. If you’re too impatient to let someone’s, who has NO MEDICAL NEED for induction or a cesarean, labor start naturally and run its course (which in my case was 42 hours) then get out of the field! It’s such a shame that doctors can so easily go back on the word that you’ve trusted. I hope no one else (though I know it’s bound to happen again) gets put in the situation my sisters friend has found herself in.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to this family as they welcome this new addition to their family. It may not happen the way they envisioned, but as long as the result is healthy mom healthy baby it will still be an incredible day for them.

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