Highway Births

It’s funny that both stories below were sent to me today so I thought I’d share.

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Short sweet article on a woman who delivered her own baby while speeding down the highway!

Expecting San Diego couple Christy and Matt Henry were speeding down the freeway in their Toyota RAV 4, heading for the hospital when Matt heard a sound “like a loud water balloon popping,” and his wife told him her water had just broken. As Matt accelerated, frantic to get his wife to the delivery room, he heard her say “I just had the baby” and then turned to see her holding up a crying newborn: Christy had just delivered in her passenger seat. They did make it to the hospital shortly thereafter, with baby Liam crying in the front seat, and Matt got to cut the umbilical cord in the emergency room.


And here’s a clip of a couple who also welcomed their baby into world while in route to the hospital. You can tell dad was shocked to say the least 🙂

***Video is showing up but here is the link I’ll keep trying to get video embedded***

911 Highway Delivery

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