How To Love Your Labour – Review

After a brief hiatus (my husband and I finally got to have a wedding ceremony for family to attend and got a mini honeymoon!!!) I’m back to blogging!

One of my fellow momma bloggers and natural child birth advocates, Tracy Rose of Natural Childbirth World, had just published an e-book “How to LOVE Your Labour”. I had the honor of reading her amazing story and she has asked I write a review…here it is 🙂

How to Love Your Labor is inspiring and encouraging to say the least. With the perfect balance of medical facts and personal stories, Tracy Rose gives a great over view of the joys of natural child birth. I could relate so easily to the fears and thoughts she had as an expecting mother and am sure other moms will be able to connect as well. She introduces many topics couples need to research including risks of cesareans and epidurals. Everything in this book is presented in way that is reassuring to those who doubt they can have the birth they want. She gives great insight into being flexible, listening to your body, and the importance of a supportive birth team. Whether you’re a first time mom or you’ve had a previous birth that did not go well, How to Love Your Labor can definitely help calm some of your anxieties. As a birth instructor myself, I will definitely be recommending this book to all of my moms who have a fear of labor or birth.

“Ultimately it is less important which particular branded course you do, what is really important is that you educate and empower yourself with great knowledge so that you can make a decision that is best for you and your baby.” Tracy Rose

Tracy is truly an inspiration and I know you will love reading about her personal triumph and struggles. If you would like to purchase a copy of How to LOVE Your Labour you can visit her website or if you’d like to


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