“What to reject when you’re expecting”

I loved the title of the article from Consumer Reports I had to share it!

The following is their list of the top 10 most over used procedures you should research before consenting to. I love that such a mainstream company is backing these practices.

To find out more details on each procedure listed check out the article here

1. A C-section with a low-risk first birth

2. An automatic second C-section

3. An elective early delivery

4. Inducing labor without a medical reason

5. Ultrasounds after 24 weeks

6. Continuous electronic fetal monitoring

7. Early epidurals

8. Routinely rupturing the amniotic membranes

9. Routine episiotomies

10. Sending your newborn to the nursery

The article continues and lists the 10 things you should do while pregnant

1. Set your due date. This is the only one I disagree with. Babies are not cakes and do not have a set time they are guaranteed to arrive. Save yourself the stress and set a “due time period” of 2-3 weeks when your baby could arrive.

2. Make a plan—and have a backup.

3. Consider a midwife.

4. Reduce the risks of an early delivery.

5. Ask if a breech baby can be turned.

6. Stay at home during early labor.

7. Be patient.

8. Get labor support.

9. Listen to yourself.

10. Touch your newborn.

I don’t think I could have made a better list myself. These are topics I discuss every week in my birth classes and think more families need to know about their options and choices during pregnancy, labor, and birth! Thank you Consumer Reports for such a wonderful article!

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