Evidence Based Birth

I just began following a blog called Evidence Based Birth written by Rebecca L. Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN.

Her latest post about what a hospitals maternity care SHOULD be like really struck a chord with me. I absolutly  love the way she has broken down the meaning behind “patient centered” care.

 I have a feeling I’ll be sharing more of her research in the future!

“According to the Institute of Medicine, patient-centered care takes into consideration patients’ personal preferences, cultural traditions, values, families, and lifestyles. Patient-centered care empowers patients to be responsible for their self-care. It reduces the use of healthcare interventions that are unwanted, inappropriate, or not needed.

Another definition has been offered by Donald Berwick, the President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

Patient centered-care includes transparency, individualization, recognition, respect, dignity, and choice in all matters– no exceptions– related to one’s person, circumstances, and relationships in health care. In other words, it is care that is wanted and needed provided at a time when it is wanted and needed.

I would argue that because the majority of pregnant women are not sick, they are not patients. Technically we should be talking about “woman-centered” care or “family-centered” maternity care. But for the purposes of simplicity, I will be using the medical term “patient-centered.” “

check out her full article and the rest of her site here!  http://evidencebasedbirth.com/2012/07/24/what-is-patient-centered-maternity-care/

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