The Big Latch On!

This Saturday  join Baby Cafe Dallas for THE BIG LATCH ON!

What: 2nd annual Big Latch On in honor of World Breast Feeding Week. There will be booths, door prizes, gifts, WIC program information and refreshments. You can then find a comfy place to breastfeed and meet other nursing mothers. Come meet the cool moms that come to Community Baby Cafe’. This event is open to everyone. Invite your nursing friends to come with their babies too!Oh and they’re trying to break a world record for the most women simultaneously breastfeeding!

Where: Community Baby Cafe 8202 Spring Valley Road, Suite 100, Dallas, Texas  (Dallas County), 75240

When: Saturday August 4th, 2012 @ 10:30 am

Who: Expectant mothers interested in breastfeeding, moms currently breastfeeding, moms who need support in their breastfeeding journey, and any woman who is interested in supporting breastfeeding education. Dads will also have their own lounge to hang out in.

Why: well for that answer, here is an article from CW33 🙂

New mothers face so many challenges, and for those that choose to breastfeed, it can be the biggest challenge of them all.

Now there’s a new and free service to help moms in the Metroplex called the Baby Café.  It’s a concept that started more than a decade ago in the UK, and has now made its way across the pond to Dallas, where parents can come and get help with breastfeeding in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

CW 33 News met first time mother Laila Gill and her one-week-old son Daniel at the Baby Café.  Breastfeeding had been a stumbling block on the road to parenthood.

“As a new mom, it feels very challenging to do something that is supposed to be so natural,” said Gill.

That was until she came to Baby Café and met lactation consultant Mary Jo Williams.

“It’s kind of like going to Panera Bread or Starbucks, and we can have a cup of coffee and talk about it,” said Williams.

Williams said Baby Café is a place where women could not just talk about breastfeeding but get desperately needed support.

“If they need help, they can certainly work with a lactation consultant here or they can see other mother’s breastfeeding and the other mothers can talk to each other,” said Williams.

Baby Café is free and open to the public, and on the day CW 33 News visited Baby Cafe, Pasang, a refugee from Nepal, brought in her four-day-old son Max.  Through the help of an interpreter on the phone, Pasang was able to successfully feed Max.

“You get to see a family come together right before your eyes,” said Williams.

Williams said Baby Café was successful because it’s a relaxing setting.

“The experts that they can visit with and there is not an uptight urgency like there is maybe in the medical community to see so many patients,” said Williams.

And new mothers are grateful for having a Baby Cafe in Dallas.

“Breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges that I’ve ever had, but knowing that there is help out there makes it a lot easier,” said Gill.,0,1421608.story

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