Afternoon Affirmation 8/9/12

Pregnancy Affirmation #1

I will accept each stage of pregnancy as a new and wonderful adventure

Pregnancy comes with its share of good, bad, and ugly for each woman.

Each pregnancy is different even for the same woman.

Approaching pregnancy early on as an adventure will put you at ease throughout each trimester and up till the moment of birth.

Yes the morning sickness will be unpleasant and you may feel like a whale sometimes, but take a moment (preferably many moments) to embrace the BEAUTY of pregnancy.

Understand you are sustaining life within you and only you can provide for your child before they enter this world.

Give yourself peace of mind and don’t worry about how others view you.

I hope you feel beautiful and empowered throughout your pregnancy.

Rise above critisizm and surround yourself with loving support.


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