Little Miss Kai

The name Kai has several meanings but I think my favorite is the Finnish origin that translates into “rejoice”. How perfect for a little girl welcomed into the world by 2 loving parents, her grandma, her aunt, a doula/mom’s best friend, a midwife, and a photographer all rejoicing over her arrival.

Born at 1:07am on October 7th and weighing exactly 7 pounds, Kai was ready to make her debut in the world. So ready in fact I almost missed the whole thing! I arrived at 1:00 just in time to capture her first moments of life.


Ivette and Daniel,

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special moment. You two make such a lovely couple and will be amazing parents. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful daughter!



3 thoughts on “Little Miss Kai

  1. Scott Marshall says:

    This is the second such occasion I have been brave enough to be the first like on an incredibly personal blog. So all I will say is welcome to world Kai – and I hope you have a happy and healthy life. Congratulations. Scott

  2. Roberto says:

    There are many occasions in life to celebrate, but the birth of your new baby is one which we all celebrate with you. Congratulations, Hello Miss KAI,Of all the blessings God sends from above, the one most precious is you KAI. good job IVETTE and SCOTT

  3. ivette d says:


    Words cannot express how grateful I am that these moments were captured! Absolutely the most life changing experience a mother can have. I have become one. And to have had such an amazing team and family be there with me was more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you very much!


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