Noah Anthony

Every birth is a miracle and I still find it hard to believe I get to witness them on a regular basis. However, once in a while one sticks out. Noah’s birth was especially special to me because I have known his mom Emily for over 8 years now. I was honored when she asked me to be her doula and photographer.

After the birth of her first son, Aiden, 3 years ago Emily knew there had to be a better way to bring a baby into this world. My favorite quote of hers when describing the experience is “because of the epidural I didn’t even feel like I gave birth. For all I know they had a baby in a box under my bed and handed him to me”. I was so sad when she told me at one of our meetings that she felt like she didn’t do enough to deserve Aiden. She was going to do everything in her power to have a natural and empowering experience this time around. With her husband Nick by her side every step of the way, Emily powered through an induced labor completely medication free. There are many parts of this story that are too personal to share, but I want everyone who reads this and sees these pictures to know how incredible this family is. Noah’s birth was so redeeming for them and I am so thankful they allowed me to be a part of their story.

Noah Anthony was welcomed into the world Thursday November 8th, 2012 at 1:17pm 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long.

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