Chaotic Soul

I did a “live preview” of about 10 themes for the new blog before deciding on this one. It may change again, but the name of the theme was too perfect to pass up for now “the chaotic soul”.

I feel like I am ALL OVER the place right now. I wonder how I’m going to balance all of this. I know there will be times I will doubt, but I also know I am MEANT to do this. I am meant to help mothers and their babies have a better birth experience than the one so many expect now. I am meant to serve my community through midwifery. I am meant to show others how the body is made to birth. I am meant to serve families with patience and understanding. And I am meant to witness the miracle of life again and again.

Here’s to 6.5 years of CHAOS!

quote-Henry-Adams-chaos-often-breeds-life-when-order-breeds-7577 chaos 1

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