Officially a Student

Well it’s official, I’m a college student!

I have to admit, every time I walk into the building I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. This is so foreign to me. I honestly don’t understand how high school kids do it. Then again I guess it’s not a big decision for most, it’s just a give in. Everything in high school is to prep you for college, but for us who have no idea what they want to do at that point, it’s all just gibberish. I never attended any prep meetings, toured campuses, or spoke with advisers, I just graduated and went straight to work. It took 3 trips, 1 assessment activity, and a 3 hour placement test, but I did it. Not only did I do it, I actually did it well. This gave me hope; I haven’t lost all my knowledge!



So class enrollment start December 6th! My tuition will be about $500 which at this time I do not have. I plan to start a fundraising campaign in 2 days, giving me 1 month to raise the funds. I hate asking for money but I can’t do this alone! I believe God will put the people I need in my life to make this dream a reality!

Check back Wednesday for details 🙂

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