First Semester…PAID!


That is all I can think to say right now. I am honestly still in shock and just feeling overwhelmed with excitement 🙂

When I started this journey I was genuinely thinking it was not going to go well. I knew I would receive some help from friends and family but being holiday time and deciding on such short notice that I wanted to raise money for tuition I knew my first student loan was just around the corner. I was WRONG!

24 hours before registration I was $270 short of my goal. I was excited that over half was taken care of, but thought one last Facebook reminder wouldn’t hurt. In a couple hours I was up $50 more and when I got a text from a birth class student that said “we just donated the rest” I burst into tears. My sister also informed me that my Christmas gift is another donation towards tuition putting me $40 above my goal! Before revealing that I had met my goal I got a text from another dear friend saying she had been praying that I would meet my goal today. My heart is filled with joy right now. I will be able to take ALL the classes I need to stay on track and get my school journey off on the right foot. This is such and enormous burden off my shoulders I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards everyone who has donated, prayed, and wished me well!

I promise to keep everyone update with how school goes. I feel extra accountable knowing that people are investing in my education. I will not let you down!

College life here I come!

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