For the first time since 5th grade, I am EXCITED about school!

I was always a good student and could have been even better had I taken advanced courses my final years of high school, but by then I was burned out. The dislike of school started in 5th grade with one bad teacher. She thought it was more appropriate to give kids dum-dum suckers (aka “dumb dumb” awards) when they made a mistake rather than reward kids who did well. That was it for me. If a teacher could blatantly tell a group of 11 year olds that she doesn’t like kids then why should I like teachers. I feel like I had horrible luck through most of my high school years with teachers who did not care. There were a few exceptions but for the most part I dreaded school each day.

Signing up for college classes brought back that dread and I felt like I was having a panic attack setting up my schedule (college and panic seem to be going hand and hand for me). Then I found out about a fabulous site Rate My Professor. Dread GONE! Reviews for all 4 of the teachers I chose were great. Not one negative thing about any of them. Beginners luck? I hope not! I think this website is my new best friend 😉

So as an update I am registered for all 4 classes I need to get started and stay on schedule (thanks to all the amazing donors I had towards my tuition). Class starts January 20th and I don’t have to sacrifice my work schedule, my daughter has daycare provided at my husband’s new job for cheaper than we ever imagined, and the hours work out perfectly to where I don’t have to worry about transportation.

I thank God for putting everything in place so perfectly.

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