(minor) PANIC!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think you’ve done everything wrong, you’re not on the right path, and obviously people have been crazy for supporting you in your mission???

Well over the past 3 weeks I’ve had many of those!

As we get into the swing of our new normal after the holidays I’m having to do something I’m not very good at:

Cut myself a break…extend grace…breathe…relax…ok so several somethings. 

Recovery from my surgery has been a lot harder than I thought. The pain has been much less than expected but all the other aspects have been trying. Couple that with the whole family getting a cold over Christmas and you’ve got a recipe for a great mental state!

I’ve realized since I’ve got the time to take my time I need to use it to my advantage.

My curriculum is not ready, my website isn’t complete, and clientele is definitely still at 0.

The best part is, this is all ok!

I’m bumping my relaunch date back a couple weeks so I know that I am 100% mentally, logistically, and physically (doulaing without full use of your arms would be quite difficult) ready.

Thank you for your patience and support!



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