Joyful Baby Momma

You might be thinking the name of this post is a little  out of the ordinary compared to my usual birth sneak peek posts, and it is! For several reasons:

  1. I couldn’t use baby’s name in the title because this sweet girl is still being referred to as “new baby”.
  2. Her parent like unordinary names…hence why they’re being a little indecisive about her name 😉
  3. This was the birth of my friend and co-birth field worker/associate/referral/personal diaper supplier, Kristina who operates “JOYFUL BABY PLANNING

Title make more sense now? 🙂

I was so excited when she asked me to capture the moments right after the birth of her next “surprise baby”. The only scary part was her last labor for her 2nd child was very fast and we were all prepared for this one be even quicker. “I know I’m going to have this baby in the car,” she told me several times, and that prediction wasn’t far from true.

We arrived at the birth center at the same time (just 2 hours after she text me “I think I might be in labor”) and she hurried inside to be checked. 10cm! She had showed up complete and ready to push. It wasn’t too long of a wait before a screaming, pink baby made her debut. Her parents were so relieved to have her in their arms they didn’t even check for gender until about 3 minutes after birth!

It's a Girl

It’s a Girl

The great moments didn’t stop there! Since she arrived so quickly they had time to call their other two kiddos and tell them the good news….or bad news to big brother who was certain the new baby was going to be a boy.

Baby Girl R 4 19 13 057

Listening for a reaction from big brother…something…anything

He was not happy with the result, but his reaction sure was amusing for all in birth room! After crying, "nooo" he hung up on his parents. I'm sure he'll come around.

He was not happy, but his reaction sure was amusing for all of us in birth room! After crying, “nooo” he hung up on his parents. I’m sure he’ll come around.

I am so blessed to have been able to witness the birth of this family’s newest addition, and look forward to learning what name this precious girl has been given.

Oh Those Lovely “Mommy Wars”

The following Facebook status was written this morning by NaturallyBorn, an online community of moms and dads looking for and giving support to others. Of course when it comes to parenting boards there are bound to be disagreements. Giving your opinion on how you raise your child(ren) is one thing but flat-out bashing another parent who is doing their best is uncalled for.

The term “Mommy Wars” used to be reserved for Stay at Home vs Working Moms, but now it seems EVERYTHING a parent does is under the microscope. In today’s society parents tend to think,”if you aren’t doing something MY way….you’re wrong”. We are supposed to be the example for our kids, not the ones who teach them how to judge and attack others. You can be passionate about your parenting methods without disrespecting others choices.

Please follow NaturallyBorn’s hint and stay out of the conversations if you have nothing nice to say!

Dear moms, here at NaturallyBorn we have a large (very large) group of moms who love their children fiercely. It is wonderful. Please be aware, however, that on this page you WILL encounter moms who parent differently than you. On this page we embrace natural births, homebirths, birth center births, C-section births, and induced births. Some of our moms breastfeed, others use formula, make their own formula or receive donor milk. Some co-sleep, and babywear, others have babes that sleep in cribs and love their swings. Our babies eat store bought and homemade purees, table food, and vegan food. Our babies drink cow milk, goat milk, coconut milk and almond milk. Some babies get all of their vaccines on schedule, some are delayed, some get none at all. Some visit the chiropractor, others do not. Some moms here love and trust their family doctor, others avoid him. BUT WHAT TIES US ALL TOGETHER IS OUR LOVE FOR OUR CHILDREN. It is time to stop the bullying and name calling and judging. If you are uncomfortable conversing with people who mother differently than you, this may not be the place for you. Poor behavior will not be tolerated. Thank you.”
Play Nice

Mommas of the Metroplex – UPDATE

Sorry for the late notice, but we have changed the location of today’s meet up.

Due to rain yesterday the ground is too wet for an outdoor picnic. If anyone is still interested in we will be enjoying brunch at 11:00 at The Villages of Allen.

Tootie Pie Cafe

109 E Stacy Road Suite 1408
  Allen, TX 75002
  972-912-CAFE (2233)

I hope to still see some mommas and their kiddos this morning!

Check back soon for more events (that hopefully won’t be ruined by rain!)


Local Events – September 2012

Fall festivities are in full swing this month! Here are just a few of the local events going on in September that The Bump, Birth, and Baby Network is glad to be a part of!

Meet The Doula Night

Come meet local doulas and birthing instructors to see if their services are right for you.

Wednesday September 12th from 6:30-7:30

Hosted by The Nappy Shoppe

3253 Independence Parkway  Plano, TX 75075
(469) 371-5448

Mommas of the Metroplex Meet Up

Come meet other local moms and their little ones for a fun picnic at the park.

Saturday September 15th 11:00-1:00 (come and go)

Celebration Park

701 Angel Parkway  Allen, Texas 75002

Please see our Facebook Event Page for more details!

Freedom for Birth World Premier

Thursday September 20th – showings at 10:00 1:00 and 4:00

Hosted by Allen Birthing Center

406 W. Main Allen, TX 75013

What is Freedom for Birth? This powerful excerpt from tells just a little bit about this worldwide revolution.

  • “Freedom for Birth” is more than just a film. It marks the beginning of a movement that will focus global attention on the violations of women’s rights during childbirth all around the world.
  • All women should have the right, protected by law, to decide where and how they give birth.
  • The problem is that the rise of a dominant obstetric “machine” is robbing women of this right.
  • The result is that many women are being subjected to medical interventions and c-sections they neither want or need.
  • Tragically, midwives, the very guardians of normal birth, are being persecuted and criminally prosecuted to the extent that some have even been imprisoned.
  • “Freedom for Birth” will highlight the human rights abuses happening right now in North America, Europe, Australia and beyond.
  • And, the film will offer up a solution that can help protect womens’ rights
  • And that solution involves you!

Please contact Kate Shepard to reserve your seat toda: (please let her know which showing you’d like to attend)

Little Lamb Consignment Sale

Are you a mom who loves to save money on name brand items? Check out the Little Lamb bi-annual sale! This non-profit sale benefits several Collin County charities. Visit their website for more details

Hosted by Greenville Oaks Church of Christ
703 South Greenville Avenue
Allen, TX
75002 (Northeast Entrance)

  • Thursday, September 20th5pm – 8pm
  • Friday, September 21st9am – 1pm
  • Saturday, September 22nd 9am – 1pm (Saturday is half-price day on most items)

365 days ago

As a slight twist on my usual Afternoon Affirmation I thought I would share a personal letter to myself reflecting on my first year of motherhood. I hope this is an inspiration to all the new and about to be new mommas.  Be sure to also check out the video at the end that inspired me to write this post.

To Kelsey Then

From Kelsey Now:

Your due date is just 7 days away and as you expect you will still be pregnant on and well after it. In fact you will even go to Plano Balloon Festival STILL pregnant. Take a deep breath. Olivia is so worth the wait. I know you think this past year has been crazy, but hold on because it’s about to get even more crazy. Didn’t think it was possible did you? Craziest part is, it’s not even your newborn that will be the cause of your stress. No, she will be your relief, your light in the dark, the one thing you hold onto when everything else is spinning out of control. Your little girl will save your life.

Your labor will not go according to (your very vague and flexible) plan. Just trust yourself and your body and you will get through it. 1 hour after Olivia’s arrival the words “can’t even tell she just had a baby” will come out of your midwife’s mouth…hold on to that thought after the first 24 hours of labor! You will use your birth experience to inspire others and will be a beautiful mother, even with the dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep. You will be a breastfeeding master with advice and information that shows other moms they aren’t alone. You’ll be excited and disgusted all at the same time when it comes to dirty diapers. You will learn thing you never thought possible, like how the phrase “it’s different when they’re your own” is 100% true, and even though you have a girl you still have to beware projectile pee. Your feelings of not deserving a baby and not being good enough will be wiped away and replaced with immeasurable joy.

In just 365 day you will be planning your daughters 1st birthday party. You will realize no matter how many people tell you “time speeds up when you have kids” it will still be faster than you ever imagined. When people ask you how you like being a mom, you will laugh as you tell them you didn’t even want kids until you met Thomas and now you’re a birth advocate, instructor, and doula. Talk about a complete lifestyle change! Motherhood will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

This time next year you will not be where you imagine right now. Parts will be better and parts will be worse but you will have a loving husband, a healthy baby, supportive family, and a roof over your head. So ENJOY your last few days of pregnancy and remember if God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it.

Reflections of Motherhood

Logo Decisions

I am excited to announce that there are big new changes around the corner for Bump, Birth, Baby one of which is a new logo!

I have been working with a great artist at B & Company Design and have the choices narrowed down to 2. Now I need YOUR help.

Please vote for which logo you think looks best, represents The Bump, Birth, and Baby Network, and most importantly you’d like to look at.

Please comment on this post or head over to our Facebook to vote!

Healthy Pregnancy Prep Poll

Please check out my latest poll on Facebook regarding my Healthy Pregnancy Class!

I would truly appreciate everyone’s feedback about what YOU would be interested in learning if you were to attend a healthy pregnancy seminar.

 I am hoping to host my first class in mid-September at Lonestar Baby and Kids in Frisco.

I have another meeting with the manager on Monday and hope to have good news…wish me luck!

Thank you for your support!

10 Tips for Natural Childbirth…from an OB!

It is so hard to find OBGYNs who are not only supportive of natural birth, but will also help you achieve your goals. I’ve heard too many stories of “my doctor said I can have a natural birth IF I go into labor by my due date, labor on back, and am checked into the hospital for less than 24 hours. Otherwise he/she will intervene”. So when I saw this article circulating around Facebook I had to share!

The Pregnancy Companion’s Top Ten Tips for Natural Childbirth

10. Be  Healthy Before You Get Pregnant

The journey of natural birth begins well before the first contractions. Actually it starts before the pregnancy test fades to pink. For a healthy baby and natural birth, the best first step is a healthy mom. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.  Both of these conditions often require induction (see #1) which can decrease your chances of successful natural childbirth and increase your risk of cesarean section.   Chronic medical conditions such as asthma, hypertension, hypothyroidism and diabetes can also causes pregnancy complications. Having them under optimal control before conception is key. 

9. Know Why You Are Choosing Natural Childbirth

Do not choose natural childbirth because your mom did it, your husband thinks you should or all the girls in your MOPS group are doing it. You choose it because in your heart of hearts you know that natural childbirth is important to you.  You must truly believe that its the best thing for you and your baby.

This is your birth, your delivery, your decision.  It’s your vagina that’s getting a cantaloupe squeezed through it.  It has to be your conviction.

8. Have a Strategy

Natural childbirth will likely be one of the most challenging things you ever do in your life. You need to be prepared. Whether it’s Lamaze, Bradley or hypnobirthing, know what your plan is for when things get bad. After you formulate a plan check to see what items your hospital has available (i.e. showers / birthing tub) and what you need to bring (i.e. Yoga ball). Practice the different birthing positions. Keep a list of your pain management strategies.

7. Have a Good Coach

When you are in transition and you are experiencing pain on a level that you have never felt before, you may not remember all those birthing strategies you practiced. That’s why you need a coach.  Some husbands are great at this, others not so much. If your husband may not be the best birth coach, hiring a Doula (a professional birthing coach) may be a good option.

6. Have a Really Quick Labor and Come to the Hospital  When You are 7 cm

Or at least labor at home as long as possible. Discuss with your provider how soon you need to come to the hospital. This will be dependent on how dilated you are, how many babies you have had and how far you live from the hospital.

Having a quick labor is also helpful, but sadly I don’t have the magic recipe for that or else we’d be selling a lot more books.

5. Be Determined

I have a lot of patients who tell me, “Well I want to try to go natural, but leave the option open for epidural if it gets really bad.”  These women, with the rare exception, end up with epidural. Labor is stinking hard and it does get bad. Of the women who say epidural is not an option, about 50% of them make it natural.

Realize this is going to be hard and stick to your guns.

4. Don’t Listen to the Haters

If natural childbirth is important to you then it doesn’t really matter if anyone else thinks you can do it, it only matters if YOU think you can do it.  I have patients ask me all the time if I think they will make it natural.  I always say, that anything is possible.

I have been proved wrong many times by patients who succeeded in natural childbirth despite the odds. Patients I thought would cave – like the unprepared teenager who had to be induced, but was just stubborn enough to stick to her guns and make it natural. There have also been patients who I swore would make it, like the 30 something with a 10 page birthplan and the Bradley book memorized, who got her epidural at 1 cm.

3. Don’t Get Fat

When you gain weight in pregnancy you gain it EVERYWHERE, including your pelvis. The fat takes up space in the birth canal that the baby desperately needs to squeeze through.  All those extra calories can lead to a big baby, making it even harder for the baby to come out. Additionally, packing on the pounds increases your risk of pre-eclamplsia and gestational diabetes, both of which increase the need for induction and cesarean section.

A normal BMI patient should gain between 25 – 30 pounds during pregnancy with the majority of that being after 20 weeks.

It’s all about moderation:  Give into to your crazy pregnancy cravings twice a week not twice a day.

2. Keep Walking

Gravity is your friend. Stay mobile in labor as long as possible, let gravity help urge the baby further down into the birth canal. When walking hurts too much, rock on a yoga ball or stand and sway your hips back and forth.  Stay out of the bed as long as possible.

1. Avoid Induction

Natural childbirth is hard. With the rare exception, its one of the hardest things you’ll every do. Natural childbirth with pitocin is even harder. It can be done, but it makes the already crushing contractions even more abrupt and intense. Some medical conditions do necessitate induction, but if you can avoid it, that  is your best option.

I must now give a disclaimer: I have never personally experienced natural childbirth.  If you want me to be totally honest, I have never actually had a vaginal delivery. But I’ve delivered over a thousand babies, so I have observed many natural labors.  These are the strategies that I’ve observed leading to the most successful natural births.

read the whole article and check out Dr Rupe and Jessica’s Blog here –>