Afternoon Affirmation 11/4/12

Birth Affirmation #6


“The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power.” ~Heather McCue

How encouraging to know that YOU have the power to birth your baby.

A power so incredible only women, who have grown and nurtured a life for 9+ months and given birth (no matter how they did it!), will understand.

Bringing a new life into this world gives you a surge of confidence I don’t think anyone can fully describe.

That little baby (or babies) is your hard work, your pure love, and your reward for all you have done.

Women are powerful. We should all embrace the power and encourage one another to use, enjoy, and not fear it…especially when it comes to birth!

Intro To Cloth Diapering 11/10/12

Interested in learning about cloth diapers?

Not sure what the pros and cons of cloth and disposable are?

We’ve got the class for you!

Join The Bump, Birth and Baby Network and Joyful Baby Planning and Parenting for “Intro to Cloth Diapering”

This FREE class will be held at Allen Birthing Center

Saturday November 10th, 2012  @ 4:30pm

Space is limited so RSVP now on our Facebook Page

47 Days of Inspiration

This past month has been a rough one. Just at my part-time job alone we had a family lose their baby to SIDS, had clients suffer miscarriages, and had family lose their baby to genetic abnormalities. I needed to write this entry for them and for all of the families suffering out there that I will never know.

The loss of a child is something few people talk about. It is an unimaginable pain for most people and something few want to bring up in conversation, but what if through the pain you changed someone’s life?

It’s crazy to think that I’m writing this blog post and have this website/business because of a lost life. Because of Ava.

I did not know this precious girl or her parents when her fight with CDH began, but by the end of her 47 days here on Earth she had changed my world. Through her mom, Jennifer’s, online journal I followed Ava’s story and prayed harder than ever before that this baby would survive. God had different plans for Ava and the rest of her family. Jennifer took this tragedy and turned it into something beautiful. Just one of her accomplishments is  a book she published about Ava’s  life and all the people she touched.

Ava would have been 2 today and Jennifer is once again out to inspire the world. Please follow her these next 47 days as she continues to reach others in memory of  her sweet angel baby.

47 Days of Inspiration Facebook Page

My tattoo in honor of Ava

If you’d like to read more about Ava’s journey you can visit her Caringbridge site or order Jennifer’s Book:

Jennifer’s Caringbridge Journal

 “Ava’s Story: Miracles Happen”

My personal stories about Ava’s impact on my life:

Moms Night Out 11/8/12

Who: All North DFW moms who need a night out

Where: Savour Tasting Room and Social Club 968 Village Green Drive  Allen, TX 75013

When: Thursday November 8th, 2012 from 7-10 (come and go)

Why: To socialize and relax with other moms before the chaos of the holidays hits! 

Savour is providing food and drink specials to our group all night.

You can RSVP on our Event Page!

Afternoon Affirmation 10/17/12

Birth Affirmation #5


“The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.” ~ Unknown

I don’t have much to add to this one because it is so beautiful on its own.

If you trust in your body and understand the process of labor, birth can be magical. You just have to surrender to the power that is you.


Baby Book Review: Five Little Pumpkins

Book: Five Little Pumpkins

Read To: Olivia (13 months)

Read By: Thomas (dad)

Review by Kelsey (mom): “Five Little Pumpkins” is a perfect story for the fall season. Your kiddos will love seeing the pumpkins adventures through a Halloween night. The illustrations are very cute however Thomas’ only complaint is that they are dark with dark text, so reading in dim light (like how a room is lit when getting ready for bed) is quite difficult. Olivia loved pointing to all the pumpkins on each page and the orange color seemed to grab her attention well. The story won’t make much sense after October but it is a sturdy book Olivia can “read” herself so we will definitely be keeping it on our shelf.

New New New

I am excited to announce several new services from The Bump, Birth, and Baby Network!

Shower Planning

Belly Cast Design

Birth Photography

Birth Announcements


Newborn / Family Photography

Please take a moment to check out our (now easier to navigate) website for more details!

We also now offer gift certificates for classes, photography, and doula services. If you know an expectant mom, a Bump, Birth, and Baby Network gift certificate makes a perfect present!

Our 2013 spring calendar should be ready soon so get ready for more announcements and  events!