Meet Kelsey


If you had asked me in 2009 where I saw myself in 5+ years it wouldn’t have included marriage and children but alas our plans are truly not ours. That was the year I met my now husband Thomas and my life changed completely! In 2011 we welcomed our daughter Olivia. My pregnancy and birth with her ignited a new passion in my life:  evidence based childbirth. I had no idea the choices parents had in prenatal care, birth, and postpartum experiences. When Olivia was only 9 weeks old I completed training to become a certified doula and childbirth educator. For the next 2 years I served expectant families through my classes, labor doula services, and birth photography. I was even lucky enough to land a job at Allen Birthing Center as a part time receptionist. 2014 ushered in a new chapter; our son Jonathan James “JJ” was born and I moved to a full time office manager role at ABC. Being on call for births had to come off the table for a while. Equipped with all of the knowledge I learned from the amazing CNMs at ABC, my own two very different birthing experiences, and more motivation than ever, I’m back to childbirth education, and doula work! I would love to meet and discuss all your needs for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey coming up.

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