Family First

Taking things one day at a time is all a person can do, though I know most people (including myself) try to do much more. When I started this blog and website I had a fantasy that I could write one well written post a day if not more. Yeah right! I was quickly reminded that things are not under my control. Between a growth spurt for our little one, tax drama, and having to buy a new car unexpectedly I haven’t had time to finish any of the 3 drafts I have saved. At first I was upset; I truely want this to be an amaing and helpful blog and I know I have not shown my true potential yet. I am trying to remind myself that it will all get done in due time and there is no rush.

Through all this chaos I have to remember how blessed I truely am. I have a beautiful family who have been my priority these past couple weeks and that’s how it should always be. I do most of my writting with my little girl passed out in my lap after she’s done nursing. It may not be the most comfortable thing for my arms, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m on her schedule and I will admit that I get frustrated sometimes when I’m ALMOST done with a post and she just won’t sit still any longer. 3 days later the post gets published just the same so why stress?

I want to change the community and my family’s life through this business, I just have to remember it may not be as fast as I’d like it to, but I will make a difference. My family will always come first and I want to constantly be reminded to keep my priorities straight. I think this post is more for myself than anything else. I want to look back on this in a couple years and be able to smile and think about how far we’ve come.


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